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Microfel is an association create in 1985.


It has for mission to support local development projects

concerning the production and the marketing of fruits and vegetables.


  • Our approach :  study the feasibility of the projects which join over time and accompany their realization.


  • The implementations of the actions and the installations are realized and managed with the farmers and villagers.


  • Microfel brings its support also for actions of development of fruits and vegetables cultures in partnership of the other Associations of International Solidarity.


History (brief reminder)


Since 1985, Microfel supported :

-Senegal, the implementation of a truck garden farm to Bayack by a group of women

-Burkina Faso, boosting of a fruit cooperative to Orodora

-Mauritius Island : actions of kitchen gardens

-Bolivia, training in truck farming in a college

-Mali, implementation of truck-farming perimeters and organization of the production and the marketing in 15 villages (zone of Kignan). Duration 14 years.

-Madagascar, for 17 years, intervention in 12 villages on the food productions (Vohipeno).Organization of the producers, the food reassurance, demonstration, equipment, partnership...

-Niger : implementation of a collective truck-farming zone

-Burkina Faso : partnership for the realization of a drilling (Nouna), technical support for producers (Zigla), improvement of the production of compost (Fada N'Gourma)




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